All "Neighborhood Curbside Pickup" pantry appointments are by appointment only

Trevor Myers

Mission and Operations Manager

What does Trevor do?
Trevor is the Mission and Operations Manager for Broken Arrow Neighbors. He oversees our day-to-day operations including our Neighbor’s Choice Curbside Pantry, maintaining our 25+ Feeding America Partners, working with the community on supply drives, provides oversight on our outreach programs, and makes sure any client feels welcomed when interacting with Broken Arrow Neighbors

When did you start?
November 1, 2021

His Why?
“I believe everyone should have access to the same level of resources that I had growing up. Broken Arrow Neighbors empowers people to not only better themselves, but better our neighborhood.”

Fun Facts
11 Major Moves in 22 Years
NASCAR Fanatic (Let’s Go, Denny Hamlin!)
Voice of Arkansas’ Statewide Anti-Vaping for Teen Radio PSA Series