All "Neighborhood Curbside Pickup" pantry appointments are by appointment only

Ryan Hicks

Empowerment Manager

Office Phone: 918-505-7422

What does Ryan do?
Ryan is the empowerment manager. When you are needing financial assistance,  whether a utility cutoff notice or an eviction notice in Broken Arrow or Coweta, Ryan is the one you will talk to! During the process of financial assistance, he also sees if you would be a good candidate for our new Jump Start job mentorship program. He says his favorite part about his job is  “I like helping them find expenses that may be able to be eliminated, and telling the clients about our partnerships, that also offer cost savings measures, to help them focus on crucial elements that can help them for the long run”
Ryan makes connections through the community of potential mentors in all career fields and pairs our clients with a mentor. If you are interested in being a mentor or would like to participate in the Jump Start program, please contact Ryan!

When did you start?
August 1, 2022

Fun Facts
He will battle anyone in music trivia… and win